Employer Tips

How To Conduct a 360 Degree Appraisal

December 2, 2015

Organisations and employees can benefit considerably from the outcome of professionally-conducted 360 degree appraisals involving all of its staff members. 360 degree appraisals are built around anonymous feedback collected from a representative group of employees who are quizzed on the behaviour of their co-workers.

Four Signs Of An Unhappy Employee

October 30, 2015

Most of your team members probably like to do a good job at work, gain a sense of accomplishment and have good job satisfaction. But, like all employers, you will sometimes have to deal with unhappy employees. Dissatisfaction occurs for various reasons (money, career, personal) and it's up to you to spot the problem and motivate them to turn things around.

How To Develop Your Future Leaders

October 29, 2015

As an employer, leadership development is crucial for your organisation and is a key aspect of management that all employers must engage in. Without effective leadership development practices in place, your organisation may well be facing an uncertain future, as key skills are lost and invaluable experience fails to be shared and passed on.

Seven Reasons For Employee Demotivation

October 28, 2015

Many interviews fail because of lack of proper communication. But communication is more than just what you say. Often it is the nonverbal communication that we are least aware of, yet that speaks the loudest. Following are the top five nonverbals, ranked in order of importance when it comes to interviewing:

The Importance Of Good Communication

October 27, 2015

Everyone uses body language during the interview (whether they realize it or not), but very few think about it in advance and modify their body language to produce the most positive effect. Body language is merely the smaller, less prominent nonverbal cues that we give others while communicating. Following are some typical interpretations of body language cues: