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AfRecruit strives to meet the aspirations of candidates with every mandate we accept

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AfRecruit takes pride in recruiting qualified local talent. With our extensive network in West Africa, our clients consult with us and inform us about available positions within their organisations. Registering with AfRecruit gives you the opportunity to search these open positions.

Platform to Upload CV

AfRecruit strongly urges you to upload your CV onto our website in order to make yourself visible to potential employers. We also urge you to periodically update your CV as your career progresses.

Tips on How to Write a CV

Your CV is your personal calling card. It is the first impression of you that the recruiter and potential employer will have and you rarely get a second chance to make a good first impression. AfRecruit offers tips on how to write and format a winning CV that will get you noticed.

Interviewing Do's and Don’ts

Your CV has been noticed and you have crossed the first hurdle in your quest for a job. Check out AfRecruit interviewing do’s and don’ts, to give you that extra edge to get you one step ahead in your job search.

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