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An HR Audit involves the regular and systematic examination of organizational practices and accomplishments vis-a-vis organizational objectives, company policies, legal requirements, and/or professional standards. Effective audits pinpoint the gaps between “what is” and “what should be” or “what could be.” By removing or reducing the size of the gaps, AfRecruit’s client can increase legal compliance, ensure conformance to established professional standards, and/or contribute to the quality improvement process. An audit can have a compliance bend or a continuous improvement bend. Depending on the objective, the process and methodology for executing the audit will be different. Compliance auditing involves the systematic comparison of human resources practices against policy and/or legal requirements. Continuous improvement auditing is the systematic process of identifying gaps in functional or organizational performance between what is and what could be or what should be. The output of the audit is a list of opportunities for increased effectiveness and efficiency

  • Legal compliance (Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.)
  • Record-keeping (personnel files, applications, CVs, etc.)
  • Recruitment and Selection Services(Hiring process, job descriptions, references)
  • Employee and Labour Performance appraisal systems
  • Policies and procedures (Employee handbook, Terminations. Code of Conduct)
  • Benefits- Leave, retirement plans , Medical)

The results of the audit will help the Client to determine what needs to be done, how these changes will impact the bottom line of the organization, and how to prioritize problem areas in terms of significance. Afrecruit will commence the audit upon execution of Management Service Agreement.
Once the HR Audit is completed and analysed, a report will be submitted to Client with recommendations as to which step should be taken to address the “gaps” within the organization.

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